Veal Smoked Bacon

Where is it from?

This Veal Smoked Bacon is lovingly produced in the north of Italy.

What is it made of?

Beef flank, salt, dextrose, aromas; Preservatives E250, E252.
Halal Certified
Available Sizes: 2 kg
Subject to small variations

What is it for?

Halal Veal Smoked Bacon is the ultimate substitute to bacon. A true artisan product, this veal bacon is the best solution to use where bacon is called for. Finally a high quality non pork bacon that can be utilized in breakfast, open buffets and to any other culinary application where bacon is needed.

How is it best stored?

In a cool & dry place (0-4°C)

How long can I use it for?

The Veal Smoked Bacon has a 3 month shelf life under the proper storage conditions.

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