Smoked Duck Prosciutto

Where is it from?

This smoked duck breast is expertly made in the north of Italy.

What is it made of?

Duck meat, salt, saccharose, dextrose, spices, aromas, acidity corrector E 331, antioxidant E 300, preservatives E 252 and E 250
Halal Certified
Available Sizes: 600 g
Subject to small variations

What is it for?

The smoky flavor of this duck breast complements tangy cheeses while also working beautifully as a component in pasta dishes. We recommend substituting this smoked duck breast with pancetta and making a ‘Halal’ spaghetti carbonara.
Wonderful for antipasti, appetizers, finger food at social events, gourmet guests (and hosts!). The product needs to be sliced very thinly and served by itself, or with traditional accompaniments such as toasted breads etc.

How is it best stored?

In a cool & dry place (0-4°C)

How long can I use it for?

The Smoked Duck Prosciutto has a 4 month shelf life under proper storage conditions.

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