Beef Ventricina

Where is it from?

This Beef Ventricina is expertly made in Calabria, south of Italy.

What is it made of?

Halal certified beef, salt, pepper (mild). Preservatives E252, E300, spices, natural flavors.
Halal Certified
Available Sizes: 2 kg
Subject to small variations
Also available with truffles.

What is it for?

This halal beef Ventricina is your perfect substitute for salami style cold cuts.
Slice it thin and use on pizzas, or cube them and heat them up to serve with your eggs. Or just enjoy on its own as antipasti. A traditional Calabrian delicacy, the Omer & Eo Halal Ventricina is the only Halal salami of its kind done by artisan producers the way they produced for centuries. The truffle Ventricina is enough to elevate any antipasti dish to a place reserved for the most exclusive of gourmet delicacies. Our truffle Ventricina is perfect for elevating pizzas to a new level, adding value with only incremental extra cost per plate.

How is it best stored?

In a cool & dry place (0-4°C)

How long can I use it for?

The Ventricina has a 7 month shelf life under the proper storage conditions.

Product Codes: 

S183 – Mild
S189 – for Truffle