Beef Spicy Soppressata

Where is it from?

This Beef Soppressata is expertly made in Calabria, south of Italy.

What is it made of?

Halal certified beef, salt, pepper (spicy). Preservatives E252, E300, spices, natural flavors.
Halal Certified
Available Size: 400 g
Subject to small variations
Also available with truffles.

What is it for?

This spicy soppressata is your perfect substitute for chorizo-type spicy salamis.
Delicious on its own and heated up, the soppressata is the unique high quality spicy salami that will be perfect for pizzas, antipasti and as a spicy component to main dishes.

How is it best stored?

In a cool & dry place (0-4°C)

How long can I use it for?

The Beef Soppressata has a 7 month shelf life under the proper storage conditions.

Product Codes: 

S171 – for Spicy
S173 – for Spicy Truffle