Beef Pancetta Arrotolata

Where is it from?

This beef pancetta is expertly made in Calabria, south of Italy.

What is it made of?

Halal certified beef, salt, pepper (mild). Preservatives E252, E300, spices and natural flavors.
Halal Certified
Available Sizes: 3 kg
Subject to small variations

What is it for?

A traditional Calabrian delicacy, the Omer & Eo Halal Pancetta is exclusively produced for Omer&Eo by an artisan producer the way his family has produced it since generations. This halal beef Pancetta is the best substitution for high quality bacon without pork. This pancetta will be great for buffets, for burgers, slice it thin and enjoy it as antipasti.

How is it best stored?

In a cool & dry place (0-4°C)

How long can I use it for?

The Pancetta has a 7 month shelf life under the proper storage conditions.

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