Established in 2013, Eomarfood Srl is an Italian luxury specialty foods company that focuses on high quality Italian charcuteries and complementing delicacies such as a non-alcoholic sparkling, truffle products and chocolates. Our main lines are:

Omer & Eo Artisan Charcuterie: is Eomarfood’s main collection of unique, high-quality, Italian artisan charcuterie that does not feature pork. The brand finds small producers and develops together with them a line of charcuterie that is unique, Italian, and Halal certified. The brand aims to offer a platform to our clients where they can enjoy the pleasures of high artisan Italian delicacies without compromising their religious beliefs.

Currently Eomarfood products are sold to top-level hotels, restaurants and retail operations in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain in the ME, as well as in Italy, France and the UK.

Now we are looking for an agent/representative for Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the MENA region, and for Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland in the EU. We focus on high end restaurants and hotels to begin with, and then other outlets when possible.

Poe, organic sparkling grape juice, is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine produced in the style of champagne in Marche, Italy. The product has a pleasantly sweet flavor profile with small bubbles reminiscent of any high quality sparkling wine.  The product is certified organic, non-alcoholic, and is of the highest quality amongst its competitors.

Poe appeals to a wide range of consumer groups such as people who prefer non-alcoholic drinks for reasons of belief, health, and/or age (for celebratory purposes such as birthdays), as well as anyone who prefer to not drink alcohol but would like to experience the celebratory feeling of enjoying champagne on their (or any) special day. It is the refined option for those who are seeking to offer high quality non-alcoholic beverages in their menus.

And to finally complete our concept, Eomarfood Gourmet Delicacies offers all the other high quality, artisan Italian delicacies under one brand. We have just developed this line to complement Omer & Eo as we have seen a demand for refined Italian delicacies as much as the charcuterie and had to offer such products with the same level of scrutiny for quality, taste and image.

As Eomarfood Srl we have also gathered technical know-how on the subjects of Halal foods, food consolidating, packaging as well experience in exporting from the EU into the Gulf countries. We have excellent connections with packaging and graphic design firms. All of the aforementioned qualities combined with our extensive know-how of quality Italian food producers have naturally led to our fourth service (which we are currently working on to establish), which will be consulting services within our industry.

Eomarfood Srl is based in Lana, Italy with certified warehouse, separated refrigeration for Poe and Omer & Eo products, all HACCP approved.